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Plumbing & Heating

Whether you need a water pipe repair or are looking to install underfloor heating in your home, our team cover all trades in one company so you don’t need to look far for your heating and plumbing services in Swansea.

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Power Flushing

As part of our plumbing & heating offers, we carry out a range of services including power flushing and system conversions to improve performance effectively and save money on energy bills, all while ensuring the safety of your home. 

One of these services includes power flushing using MagnaCleanse technology throughout your system. This works to remove any built-up dirt and debris that could be blocking the system and causing issues such as;

Excessive Boiler Noise

Slow Heating Process

Radiator Leaks

High Energy Costs

Poor Heating Performance

Alternatively, you may need full-house replumbing which is a breeze with our competitive pricing and expert knowledge. A complete repipe can increase water flow and even add value to your home.

Our team will always suggest the best advice possible to ensure you can achieve the maximum potential from your home, and save money where it matters. We don’t promote a product or service that won’t benefit you, so you can trust our team to always provide the advice you need.

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